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Ashland introduces HydroSheer™ sun care to consumer product makers worldwide

Wilmington, Del. - Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), today announced its patent-pending HydroSheer™ sun care formulation is now available to sun care product makers throughout the world. HydroSheer water-resistant sun care formulations apply transparently on skin, even in the presence of water. Ashland developed the formulation after it discovered that hydrophobic film, under special formulating conditions, is miscible in water. The discovery is significant in that consumers may now apply sunscreen on skin that is wet, without unsightly whitening effects typically formed by standard water-resistant sunscreen formulas.

"Consumers may now apply or reapply water-resistant sunscreen at any time," said Anna Gripp, global marketing lead, skin care and sun care. "There is no longer any need to dry off when using sunscreen formulations with hydrophobic films miscible in water. Patent-pending HydroSheer sun care continuous spray formulations containing our Advantage™ Plus polymer and select Ceraphyl™ esters provide clear films and bring an added level of convenience to consumers."

Sunscreen makers everywhere have the freedom to formulate novel water-resistant products based on HydroSheer sun care formulation technology. All of the ingredients required to manufacture and market spray form products that give clear films in the presence of water will be offered by Ashland Specialty Ingredients. Production procedures will be made available along with testing and evaluation for consistency with prototype formulations.

Formulation efficacy
"Formulators of water-resistant sunscreens now have the assurance of properly functioning spray form products that may be applied in wet conditions," said Hani Fares, senior director, skin care research. "Establishing a set percentage (w/w) for esters and alcohol in a spray formulation, and adding the Advantage Plus polymer translates into clear films on wet skin. Unlike a control formulation (pictured on the right), HydroSheer formulations do not create a milky emulsion on skin."

Hydrophobic barrier
Ashland conducted experiments that show the Advantage Plus polymer re-orients itself when it interfaces with water, resulting in a more hydrophobic barrier. The Ashland polymer self adapts, moving above the active ingredient upon contact with water. Re-orienting film forming polymer above the active helps to prevent sunscreen from being removed.

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