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Ashland Care Specialties introduces Conditioneze™ and Conditioneze™ 37 cationic solutions for soft, silky, well-conditioned hair

New additions to leading line of conditioning and deposition polymers offer a range of functionality to hair care formulators

Ashland Care Specialties introduces Conditioneze<font size="-1"><sup>™</sup></font> 22 and Conditioneze<font size="-1"><sup>™</sup></font> 37 cationic solutions for soft, silky, well-conditioned hair

PARIS, France - Ashland Care Specialties, a business unit of Ashland Specialty Ingredients, today introduced Conditioneze™ 22 and Conditioneze™ 37 cationic solutions, two polyquaternium polymers designed to impart deep conditioning, luster, and soft, silky-feeling properties to hair. Ashland added the technologies to its leading portfolio of conditioning and deposition polymers to better support makers of hair care products with formulation-friendly conditioning solutions. The new offerings allow formulators to produce with relative ease a range of higher-value products aimed at today's trend toward well-conditioned, beautiful-looking hair.

Conditioneze 22 cationic solution, an aqueous copolymer of dimethyl ammonium chloride and acrylic acid, is recommended for use in colorant products, ethnic hair care and shampoos and conditioners formulated for damaged and treated hair. Conditioneze 37 cationic dispersion is composed of homopolymers dispersed in propylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate (E version) or mineral oil (M version). This highly functional dispersion imparts excellent conditioning benefits in conditioners and hair masques and acts as a rheology modifier, enabling an enhanced rheology profile.

"Hair and skin care product formulators have relied on Ashland's conditioning polymer ingredient portfolio for decades to achieve a wide range of consumer benefits," said David Popplewell, global marketing manager, hair care, Ashland Care Specialties. "With the addition of two polyquarterium conditioning technologies to the Conditioneze brand, we now offer formulators a larger spectrum of choices to develop higher-value products for today's discerning customers. Adding these technologies to the Ashland portfolio allow formulators to call on us for deep-conditioning solutions based on polyquaternium-22 and polyquaternium-37, and at the same time, call on us for highly efficient conditioning technology such as N-Hance™ SP-100 and N-Hance™ 4572 conditioning polymers."

The trend toward hair conditioning
Popplewell said Conditioneze products support consumers' interest in restoring healthy-looking hair with soft feel properties, silkiness and luster. "Adding to our portfolio will help hair-care manufacturers in their effort to meet current and future hair care market trends in virtually every marketplace worldwide," he added.

One of the most popular trends in North America and elsewhere is seen in the delivery of conditioning benefits from shampoo. Products incorporating polyquaternium-22 allow formulators to deliver conditioning benefits in a range of surfactant systems. As more consumers color their hair, demand is rising for multi-functional products such as colorant with built-in conditioner technology. A range of conditioning ingredients, including Conditioneze 22 cationic solution, supports the trend toward highly functional colorant products.

Supporting trends with state-of-the-art polymer manufacturing
Ashland recently upgraded its acrylates research and development and process synthesis capability in the United Kingdom to better serve the industry with new and improved technologies for hair, skin and oral care applications. State-of-the-art polymer synthesis equipment is now in place to fast-track commercial development of novel polymers and to optimize synthesis conditions in a full-scale production environment.

"Leveraging our R&D, Ashland polymer scientists are helping major producers of hair care products to realize consumer-desired benefits in a larger spectrum of finished formulations. Recent investments in our R&D facility located in Bradford, UK, as well as upgrades to an advanced production facility in Freetown, MA allow us to pursue novel polymer technologies for the industry, including custom encapsulation technology," said Popplewell.

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