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Ashland launches new range of AquaVIS ETD polymers and dedicated website

Improved suspension uniformity, reduced incorporation time and lower energy consumption.

WILMINGTON, Delaware - Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), is recognized as a leader in rheology control solutions for water-based fluid systems. Today, the company announced the availability of a new range of advanced polymers that help eliminate dispersion issues and, therefore, suspension quality and other problems, associated with standard commercially available polymer grades. In addition, the company has launched a dedicated website ( to further meet the needs of their customers by providing valuable, quick and easy access to essential information relevant to the industry.

AquaVIS™ ETD polymers are off-white carboxymethylcellulose-based (CMC) powders that have been specially modified by Ashland scientists to be easily dispersible in aqueous solutions commonly used in civil engineering, mining, paper and foundry/ceramic applications for rheology modification. AquaVIS ETD polymers can be used in almost all applications where classical CMC polymers are used, but their compositions address common deficiencies with classical CMC grades, such as the formation of "fisheyes," or lumps, when they are incorporated in water-based fluid systems. Fisheyes can cause a host of problems in aqueous systems, including reduction of suspension quality, increased mixing time, the need to invest in special mixing equipment and increased energy consumption.

The AquaVIS ETD range of polymers covers a wide range of viscosities that can be matched to individual applications. They are high-quality, granular powders that dissolve easily in conventional mixers and have excellent compatibility with drilling fluid additives used in civil engineering applications. While their primary function is rheology control, they may also be used for fluid-loss control, and as a protective colloid and friction reducer.

"Unlike many commercially available CMC products that tend to form fisheyes under sub-optimal mixing conditions, Ashland's AquaVIS ETD suspension agents disperse fully and rapidly ensuring enhanced efficiency and lower costs," said Robert Gibbison, global marketing director for Ashland's Performance Specialties business. "AquaVIS ETD polymers work efficiently and effectively with virtually any type of mixing equipment. This means that small concentrations can yield big results in terms of reduced cycle times, water loss prevention, rheology stabilization and reduced materials costs without the need to invest in new equipment."

AquaVIS ETD polymers are effective in fluid systems having a broad range of salinity, pH and total solids content and they are compatible with almost all additives that are used in water-based fluid systems. They can be used alone or in combination with minerals such as bentonite, depending upon the system.

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