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Ashland Aropol™ resins used in creation of first grid-connected, offshore wind turbine deployed in North America

DUBLIN, Ohio - Ashland Performance Materials, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), today announced that it has joined one of its customers, Ershigs, and several strategic partners in launching the first grid-connected offshore wind turbine to be deployed off the coast of North America. The turbine was deployed May 31 near Brewer, Maine, by the University of Maine, leader of the DeepCwind Consortium.

The prototype turbine, called VolturnUS 1:8, is approximately 65 feet tall, with the tower constructed of Ashland's Aropol resins, which are Germanischer Lloyd approved. The composite tower is affixed to a polymer concrete floating base. Compared to a traditional steel tower, a composite tower offers added value due to significant weight savings and reduced maintenance related to improved corrosion resistance. Constructed as part of a program aimed at reducing the cost of offshore wind energy to compete more efficiently with other forms of electricity generation, the 1:8 scale VolturnUS 1:8 is modeled after the 6-megawatt VolturnUS offshore floating wind turbine that the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center plans to launch in the coming years.

"This project is a huge milestone for the use of composites in wind energy and truly demonstrates Ashland's commitment to developing partnerships that will advance the use of composites technologies in the energy market overall," said Kevin Lambrych, global industry manager, Ashland Performance Materials. "We are excited to be a part of the DeepCwind Consortium and look forward to continued successes in this project with the common goal of providing innovative solutions that will benefit us all."

About the DeepCwind Consortium
Led by the University of Maine and headed by Habib J. Dagher, a professor of civil engineering at the university and director of its Advanced Structures and Composites Center, The DeepCwind Consortium's mission is to establish the State of Maine as a national leader in deepwater offshore wind technology through a research initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and others. The University of Maine-led consortium includes universities, nonprofits, and utilities; a wide range of industry leaders in offshore design, offshore construction, and marine structures manufacturing; firms with expertise in wind project siting, environmental analysis, environmental law, composites materials to assist in corrosion-resistant material design and selection, and energy investment; and industry organizations to assist with education and tech transfer activities.

About Ashland Performance Materials
Ashland Performance Materials is a global leader in composite resins, gelcoats, adhesives, specialty coatings and elastomers. It also provides metal casting consumables and design services for effective foundry management through the ASK Chemicals GmbH joint venture. Performance Materials' composite resins, water-based and energy-curable coatings, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and elastomers are used in the construction, transportation, infrastructure, boatbuilding, and packaging and converting markets.

About Ashland
In more than 100 countries, the people of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH) provide the specialty chemicals, technologies and insights to help customers create new and improved products for today and sustainable solutions for tomorrow. Our chemistry is at work every day in a wide variety of markets and applications, including architectural coatings, automotive, construction, energy, food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, tissue and towel, and water treatment. Visit to see the innovations we offer through our four commercial units - Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Ashland Water Technologies, Ashland Performance Materials and Ashland Consumer Markets.

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