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From Reppe to Mola and Rehmanji, Celebrating the First 75 Years of PVP/PVPP and a Future That is Clearly All About Making Great Beer

Ashland launches new Polyclar™ stabilizers web site highlighting industry expertise

WILMINGTON, Del. - It was 1939 when German chemist Walter Reppe, who was working with the N-vinylpyrrolidone monomer, discovered the polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) compound. A pioneer in acetylene chemistry, Reppe thought of PVP as one of the most potentially useful derivatives he had discovered, so he patented it. Seventy-five years later, Polyclar™ polyvinyl polypyrrolidone (PVPP) stabilizers from Ashland Inc. (NYSE:ASH) are recognized around the world among brewers and vintners as the first name in clarity and the focal point of the new Beer and Wine Stabilizers web site Ashland is launching.

"Polyclar stabilizers increase the colloidal stability of beverages to reduce haze and produce clearer, more stable beverages," explains Mustafa Rehmanji, global research and development and technical manager for beverages, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. "Our team works directly with customers to assist them in their use of our specialized technology. Superior technical service distinguishes Ashland from our competitors. The combination of high-quality products and solid service helps to build partnerships with our customers and makes Ashland a preferred supplier for long-term relationships."

"Ashland's acquisition of International Specialty Products in 2011 increased our reach in the beverage market and extended our network of technical centers," adds Andrew Mola, global R&D and technical service for beverages, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. "Polyclar stabilizers are a leading brand in polyphenol stabilization for beer and are widely used to prevent the development of colloidal haze, thus extending the shelf life of beer. Moving forward, we intend to devote increased research and development resources to concentrate on customer solutions beyond haze."

Over their 19 years together, Mola and Rehmanji have authored numerous papers published in Master Brewers Technical Quarterly, Brewers Guardian and The New Brewer, but their work as a team is nearing its end as Rehmanji, now 70, is ready to retire and hand over the reins to begin Ashland's next chapter helping brewers make great beer.

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