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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

At Ashland, we dedicate ourselves to earning the trust of our investors, employees, suppliers and customers. By fostering a culture that emphasizes compliance with the law and ethical business behavior by adopting strong principles of corporate governance, our constituents can feel confident about their association with Ashland.

The cornerstone of Ashland's compliance program is our Global Standards of Business Conduct. We also have a strong and active preventive law program and apply strict ethical standards to our financial audit practices.

Our system of corporate governance includes an independent board of directors and board committees composed entirely of independent directors as well l stock ownership guidelines for key employees. At Ashland, we value the trust our constituents place in us, and we work every day to keep their trust.

Board Committees

Title Documents

Audit Committee Charter

Environmental, Health, Safety And Product Compliance Committee Charter

Governance and Nominating Committee Charter

Compensation Committee Charter

Standards & Guidelines

Title Documents

UK Tax Strategies Disclosure

Director Independence Standards

Corporate Governance Guidelines