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Direct Stock Purchase

Direct Stock Purchase

EQ Shareowner Services, Ashland's stock transfer agent-registrar, sponsors and administers a dividend-reinvestment and direct stock-purchase plan that enables investors to purchase stock without the use of a broker, as well as to reinvest dividends for the purchase of additional Ashland stock.

Key features of the plan:

  • Free enrollment
  • $500 minimum initial investment
  • Purchase and sale orders placed with EQ Shareowner Services - not a stockbroker
  • Service fees for purchase transactions are paid on shareholder's behalf by Ashland Inc.
  • $15 service fee per sale transaction

More information and an enrollment form can be found on the EQ Shareowner Services website at Or simply call EQ Shareowner Services at +1 855 598 5486 toll-free within the U.S. or +1 651 450 4064 outside the U.S.