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Ashland announces Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose for plant-based protein food applications, broadening award-winning product portfolio

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Ashland announces Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose for plant-based protein food applications, broadening award-winning product portfolio

Wilmington, Del., February 21, 2023 - Ashland is launching Benecel MX 100 methylcellulose designed for high-volume, large-scale production efficiency for meat alternative products while providing consumers an enhanced eating experience. The innovative product for the nutrition industry broadens the company’s award-winning Benecel MX portfolio for plant-based protein food formulations.

“Ashland’s new Benecel MX 100 methylcellulose for plant-based protein applications offers an important step forward in the development of satisfying meat alternative products,” said Ashok Kalyana, senior vice president and general manager, life sciences, Ashland. “It is a result of our strategy to innovate in the markets we serve, and in this case, we are improving both product and processing.”

Benecel MX 100 methylcellulose is specially formulated for meat alternatives and other vegetable-based applications such as vegan chicken and seafood. During cooking, Benecel MX 100 methylcellulose creates a gel that provides a firm meat-like texture. The product is suitable for large-scale, high-speed processing required for high volume production of plant-based alternatives.

“The growing popularity of plant-based alternatives has spurred our innovation in end applications, ingredients, and textures,” said Jennifer Rodriguez, senior marketing specialist, nutrition, Ashland. “When enjoying alternative protein products, consumers desire a similar eating experience to meat-based products, therefore, plant-based alternatives must mimic the texture of those foods.”

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“Improving the texture of alternative protein applications one bite at a time”

In 2020, Benecel MX methylcellulose won an American Chemistry Council award for sustainably addressing the growing popularity of plant-based foods and meat alternatives and Ashland’s Benecel MX manufacturing site in Belgium was recognized for decreasing the environmental impacts of its operations through initiatives that have helped reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conserve water.

Ashland’s expertise while responsibly solving customers’ nutrition and nutraceutical challenges supports people in their quest for healthier life choices. To learn more about our ingredients for plant-based meat alternatives, please click here.

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