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Ashland responsibly innovates with cutting-edge platform technologies and breakthrough personal care ingredients at in-cosmetics Global, Paris, France

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Ashland responsibly innovates with cutting-edge platform technologies and breakthrough personal care ingredients at in-cosmetics Global, Paris, France

WILMINGTON, Del., April 16, 2024 – For a century Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH) has been adapting, ahead of the curve, to shape markets and enable customers to solve their most complex challenges. Breakthrough, high performing ingredients from the company’s innovative platform technologies will be displayed during in-cosmetic Global, Paris, France, April 16-18, 2024 – booth 2C60.

Ashland’s innovative technology platforms enable customers to respond to global megatrends and regulatory landscapes. These unique, ‘new-to-the-world’ additives and specialty ingredients are tunable and can scale multiple markets. They are renewable, natural, biodegradable, non-microplastic, non-GMO, and vegan. At in-cosmetics Global, emphasis is given to the Transformed Vegetable Oil (TVO) platform with three unique, new to the world additives with attractive sustainable characteristics.

Antaron soja glyceride, a nature derived, biodegradable film former that delivers water resistance and sun protection factor (SPF) boosting benefits to sun care and color cosmetic formulations. This innovation enables the creation of more natural sun care creams, lotions, gels, and color cosmetics.

Softhance™ mr conditioning agent, a nature-derived, biodegradable conditioning agent delivering consumer-perceivable skin softness from rinse-off cleansing formulations. Depositing on the skin during washing, softhance™ mr helps skin retain moisture, leaving it feeling conditioned and soft after rinsing. Non-microplastic, non- GMO, and vegan suitable, softhance™ mr offers a sustainable option to deliver conditioning benefits from body washes, hand soaps, facial cleansers, and more.

Gantrez™ soja delivery system, a nature-derived, biodegradable ingredient that is substantive to oral mucosa and enamel to keep oral care actives in the mouth for long- lasting benefits. It enables the creation of novel oral care products with long-lasting freshness and antimicrobial benefits.

In addition, Ashland unveiled its latest sustainable innovations:

Perfectyl™ biofunctional, a high-tech chamomile extract, inspired by new aesthetic techniques, to clarify and smoothen skin’s flaws (large pores and hyperpigmentation) for all ethnicities. Ashland uses fresh and living chamomile, Zeta

Fraction technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reveal the science of flawless skin with a pure, patented extract naturally rich in GAMMA AMINO BUTYRIC ACID (GABA) and flower acids.

Sclareance™ biofunctional, a natural purified sclareolide obtained by fermentation from clary sage flowers. Sclareance boosts the 4D defenses of skin. It can help the skin transform vitamin D into its active form. Sclareance™ offers a dual benefit on scalp irritation and compromised skin.

Saffragyl™ biofunctional, a breakthrough innovation in oral care using 100 percent natural and biodegradable upcycled crocus flower extract for daily gum care beauty. Our conscious-to-cutting-edge approach is on full display and puts a stake in the ground around sustainable extraction processes.

Styleze™ es-forza ingredient, Ashland’s most recent addition to its plant based eco- styling product line intended for gels and cream formulations. It boasts a customizable stiffness allowing formulators to tailor their products to a desired stiffness and hold while keeping any hair styles in the most extreme humidity.

N-durhance™ es-repair ingredient, a durable split end repair polymer that protects hair from damage and breakage during wet combing and heat styling. It also provides excellent sensorial properties giving the hair a lubricious, not tacky feel when wet and perfectly conditioned when dry.

Natrathix™ bio cellulose, a breakthrough thickener with suspension capabilities that keeps emulsion stability of skin and sun care creams, lotions and gels with a pleasant skin feel, offering an alternative to carbomer.

Phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional, an impressive milestone on the path to effective and sustainable active ingredients that enrich cosmetic formulations beyond the antimicrobial aspect.

Microbiological quality management (MQM) concept ensures the high quality of cosmetic products. It consists of four key elements: plant hygiene, product protection, challenge tests, and training.


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