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Ashland technology platform launches Viatel™ Ultrapure bioresorbable polymers with exceptional purity for long-acting injectables and implants

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Ashland technology platform launches Viatel™ Ultrapure bioresorbable polymers with exceptional purity for long-acting injectables and implants

Wilmington, Del., Oct. 16, 2023 – Under Ashland’s new bioresorbable technology platform, the company is introducing Viatel™ Ultrapure high-purity bioresorbable polymers. This line extension delivers improved stability for sensitive drug compounds and longer, more consistent drug release profiles in long-acting injectables and implants (LAII).

Ashland’s proprietary manufacture and purification process for Viatel™ Ultrapure products delivers bioresorbable polymers that are extremely low in residual acid-based monomer content, creating a more neutral pH environment that improves stability of acid sensitive drug molecules and yields more consistent polymer degradation behavior. Studies have demonstrated that the higher purity polymers result in prolonged structure integrity, allowing formulators to achieve longer, more consistent drug release profiles as the bioresorbable injectable depot, implant, or other device safely breaks down over time in the human body. 

“We are excited to bring Viatel™ Ultrapure bioresorbable polymers to customers in the LAII space,” said Seán McMahon, global business manager, injectables, life sciences, Ashland. “These exceptionally pure polymers create a less acidic pH environment for sensitive drugs and allow formulators to achieve longer, more consistent release profiles that are critical for successful long-acting technologies.”

Viatel™ Ultrapure bioresorbable polymers have pharmaceutical application in LAII products such as microspheres, in-situ depots, implants, and nanoparticles. These polymers also have wider application in dermal fillers, regenerative medicine scaffolds, and degradable medical devices.

“The Viatel™ polymer platform is an important element of Ashland’s innovation strategy,” said Brandt Giffin, senior director, strategic marketing and new business development, life sciences, Ashland. ”We are committed to expanding R&D and manufacturing capacity as well as extending the Viatel™ polymer line with key value-adds for long-acting injectable pharmaceuticals.”

Ashland’s bioresorbable polymers technology platform is scalable and includes multiple market segments and potential applications including long acting injectables for chronic disease and animal health; advanced drug delivery for improved mRNA delivery; and medical devices and regenerative medicine for dermal fillers, sutures, screws and more.

Ashland offers customization of Viatel™ polymer products, tailoring them to meet delivery, processing, stability, or release profile needs of drug formulation and device strategies. The products are designed for use in a broad range of applications including controlled release, degradable medical devices, and emerging ones in the wider field of advanced drug delivery. Learn more about new Viatel™ Ultrapure bioresorbable polymers.


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